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Why Choose Weezledog?

Our focus is on producing beers that people just love to drink, beers full of flavour and character. We want every glass of our beer to offer the drinker a memorable experience.

We brew all of our beer ourselves. While there is nothing wrong with contract brewing, or building a brand then asking a real brewer to brew a beer to fit it, we prefer to brew our own beer, to ensure that our high standards are always met. We are here to brew beer.

Our beers are brewed with excellent water from the Waitakere ranges, malt from the South Island, and with all of our core beers, hops from the Nelson region. Our American IPA is the only beer to feature a single malt or hop from overseas, and I’m sure you would agree for an American IPA it is somewhat of a requirement.

Our beers are never filtered, pasteurised or preserved. This adds a bit of time to the process, but we firmly believe that this benefits the beer. The full flavour is retained and the beer is better for it.

We believe that beer quality is the most important aspect of our business and constantly improve our processes. We focus on small batches which allow us to ensure that beer is fresh and consistently excellent. Again this means a bit more work in the brewery, but as always, it’s worth it.

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